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She is actress from Smallville - young Superman. She plays in a TV Shows or television series. She is star on Warner Brothers channel. Warner Bros. Studio is filming serials like Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Supernatural or Everwood.
Nice music video from Bety about pubilc Kristin 27,6 MB
Kristin and Tom - choice tv reality award 19,9 MB
Who's that girl? 15,6 MB
Kristin and Wizards of OZ 712 kB
Warner Bros. Upfront 20,8 MB
WB My Generation Video 5,93 MB
Kristin before MMVA 6,81 MB
Kristin in her first talkshow 50,8 MB
WB Commercial with Kristin. In image campaign you can see actors from Dawson's creek or Gilmore Girls too. 17,5 MB